Best Dog breeds for me And My Family

Dog Breeds

Selecting the best dog breed for your family members or yourself is a very important decision. A couples of the aspects that one that a person must take into consideration before making final decision:

1. What exactly is the reason for buying a dog?

2. In case you have little kids should you catch a large dog breed or a small dog of a dog?

3. Which kind of dog is the most suitable for security of my family?

4. In case I am sick and allergic to pet should I even now think about getting a pet?

5. In case I needed to breed dogs, what kind of dog would be ideal for breeding?

6. If protection is a primary consideration, what breed of dog will be most suitable to safeguard me or my family?

So, that you find it is not a simple choice to get to just head out and buy your dog. This can be a challenging choice and should not be gone on easily. Keep in mind – sensible dog owners make accountable decisions regarding pets.

The reason for having a dog is determined by the objective that you have decided for the pet. For instance – for house protection any kind of dog that barks will be acceptable. However, if your purpose is simply to stop thieves entering in your house, then you should take into consideration the Doberman, the German shepherd, or the Rottweiler. Just in case, if you think that size will prevent intruders from getting into your home, then you should consider a Newfoundlander, a Bouviers, or any kind of outdoors dog such as: Golden Retriever Chesapeake Bay Retriever, or Labrador. Any of these sizeable breeding dogs will certainly stay away thieves from entering your house, as well as make fantastic family dogs.

Kids are usually a consideration when selecting some sort of pet. Young children might be scared just simply to look at a big dog and in case, if a kid mistakenly attacked by a big dog that kid could possibly be traumatized throughout their life only by watching a big dog or perhaps by getting came to buy a big dog. Consequently, when selecting a large size dog it can be perfect for the parent, the kids, and the pet to consider having a couple of instructional program in obedience coaching.

Dogs breeding are not necessarily an intelligent selection, except if the pet owner is ready to invest a large sum of cash on Veterinary expenses. The primary concern while a dog breeding is the well being of the dog. Breed dogs that are not in excellent condition of overall health may be destructive to the dog, as well as to the children. Reliable Breeders that have been operating a business for a long time are extremely specific when it comes to selecting a buddy for their pet dogs. Higher among the record of every single breeder is the ancestry of a companion A few Breeders would like to breed along with other owner who can verify with paperwork exactly from where this pet was sired. In the end, a Breeder status is their primary matter.

For folks who have allergic reactions yet still are looking for a pet, I will recommend that they can think about Poodle or certain imitative of the Poodle. The Poodle is available in many types. The most popular sizes are: Huge, average, baby poodle or normal size Poodle.

Most Popular Dog Breeds: The Magic Five

Choosing the right kind of dog to take on as a pet is very important. Not a lot of people know that different breeds have different temperaments. Some breeds might not be suitable for homes with children, while others would be perfect. In this article, I have outlined five of the most popular dog breeds there are. These are the breeds that most families have because these dogs have very good temperaments, and are also very good with children.


The beagle is in the category of small to medium dogs. Their coloring is primarily white with black and brown areas. The beagle has a very mild temperament and is wonderful with children. They do not require much exercise, but they are very prone to gaining weight. Another factor that might have added to the beagle’s popularity would be Snoopy, a very popular character in a comic strip.

Golden Retriever

These dogs were raised to become hunting dogs. But because of their excellent temperament, they were domesticated and became wonderful pets. There are different types of Golden Retrievers, but they all exhibit the same eager-to-please attitudes. Grooming them should be done weekly to minimize shedding.

German Shepherd

These dogs serve a myriad of purposes. I’m sure a lot of you have seen them as police dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, seeing-eye dogs for the blind and many others. That is because these dogs are very intelligent. They rank third among the most intelligent dogs. If trained well, they would not cause any problems for the family. They are very loyal dogs, but they are also very territorial as well.

Yorkshire Terrier

This would probably be one of the cutest toy dogs around. Their long and glossy coat is considered to be hypoallergenic. They do not shed. Their hair just falls out when brushed or broken. With regards to it temperament, the Yorkshire Terrier is extremely territorial. Despite its small size, it would not hesitate to launch into an all out attack on what it considers a threat. If they were brought up with children around, they should be fine. However, for most part, they are not as good with them as other dogs.

Labrador Retriever

this breed takes the top position in this list. Labrador retrievers are well-known for their friendly and playful demeanor. They are also great with children. Their best feature would be that they are highly trainable. A Labrador that has been trained well could function both as a guard dog and a companion.

Choosing the Right Dog For You

The decision to get a dog maybe a decision the whole family makes. Or a single person may suddenly stop in front of a pet store and fall in love with the adorable face of a puppy in the window. Dogs can be companions, friends or protection from burglars.

Before making the choice of what breed of dog you want take several things into consideration.


How many people are in your household? Will there be enough room for a big dog? How old are your children? Are these children living in the same house?

If your kids are fairly young, choose a smaller dog that is rugged and can stand the punishment of a child. It may not be a good idea to get a large dog that may be so rough on your children that you have to worry about their safety when the dog is around. Neither do you want to be concerned with your playful toddler hurting a Miniature Poodle. Try a Cocker Spaniel


How much disposable cash do you have after your bills are paid? How much can you afford to pay for dog food consistently month to month? How much have you got in your savings in case the dog has to go to the vet? How much do you have saved for regular medical checkups?

Dogs can cost you as much money as your children. Budget for the expenses of having a dog the same way you would plan a new arrival from the maternity ward of a hospital. If your budget is small and you require low maintenance, consider a Jack Russell Terrier to spend less on food. If your budget can handle lavishly pampering your dog, maybe a Toy Poodle is your ideal dog. Budget’s not an issue? Go ahead and splurge on an Akita or St. Bernard.


Do you have a large yard that a happy dog can lose his mind running around in? Are you in an apartment with neighbors who bang on the walls if your television is too loud?

Pet friendly apartments often charge extra to your rent based on the size of the dog. If you’ve discovered your budget for a new pet is minimal you need a smaller dog. A pug may be your choice. They are too small to make noise if they run around the house, they rarely bark and they’ll keep your extra rental costs down.


Are you looking for a friend in your dog? Do you need your dog to help you around because of a disability? Do you want your dog to deter burglars?

Your desire for a dog influences your choice of dog breed significantly. Labradors make great friends. They are loyal, playful and quite intelligent. Dobermans are statuesque and always look like they are ready to attack. A pair of Dobermans is the perfect deterrent for criminals. The German Shepherds are the universal choice for help because they are so easily trained.

Whatever choice you make in selecting a friend, companion or protector, review all your options carefully. There are many resource sites online that will explain what to expect from various breeds.

Top 5 Dogs to Get for Kids

If you are looking for the best breed of dog to get for kids, then read on! In this article, we look at breeds of all sizes, shapes and from all corners of the world, that all have one thing in common: they’re great with kids! So read on, and find the perfect dog to get for your kids today!


There’s a reason that labradors are so popular around the world – they’re a great family dog! In fact, labbies have the perfect mix of a gentle nature, and energy, that makes them a great companion for children of all ages.

Your labrador will probably have a lifespan in excess of twelve years, which means that he or she will be able to grow up with your kids, and they’re also easy to keep in good health (although they are prone to gaining weight, so watch the portions and treats!) All round, if you’re looking for a great dog to get for kids, and you don’t mind a medium to large breed, this is a great choice.


If you’re looking for a smaller breed to get for your kids, then pugs are a perfect choice. They may have a face that some would say only a mother can love, but pugs are living proof of the old saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages!’

Pugs are friendly, energetic and tough little dogs, all of which makes them a great choice of dog to have when you’re looking for a pet for your kids, and they’re also intelligent and easy to train.


Another great choice of a breed of dog for kids, the Beagle is a medium sized, short coated dog that again combines a gentle, friendly nature with energy and an outgoing personality.

Beagles are also easy to train, respond well to training, and will get along well with other dogs and pets in your family too.

Rough Collie

There’s a reason Lassie made it into the movies! Rough collies are another great breed to consider if you are looking for a great dog to get for your kids. They’re friendly, generally gentle and good natured, intelligent, and when they’re younger, energetic too.

The only drawback to getting a rough collie is that their long, silky hair needs a lot more maintenance than their short coated peers, so you will need to make sure you have the time to devote to grooming and keeping your collie in tip top condition.

Jack Russel Terrier

Another great choice of breed, when you’re looking for the perfect dog to get for kids, is the Jack Russel Terrier. Another small breed that proves that dynamite comes in small packages, these little terriers have big personalities, and they’re usually able to keep up with (and outrun!) even the most adventurous kids.

If you choose a Jack Russel, be warned that they can be a handful, and don’t be surprised to be the only family on the block with a dog that routinely climbs trees!

Of course, another great option, if you’re looking for a dog for your kids, and to do a little good, is to consider adopting from a shelter. Even a mixed breed dog, or a slightly older dog, can be a great companion to your kids, and if it’s not important to you to have a pedigree as long as your arm, many rescue dogs make great companion animals.

Guard Dog Vs Protection Dog

In today’s world, people feel a need for security, for themselves and their families. Some people want to keep their property or business secure from intruders. Although alarm systems can do the job, many people choose to get a dog instead. In certain breeds, this guarding and protecting is a natural instinct and dogs have been doing this job for hundreds of years. So, once you decide to get a dog for security, should you get a guard dog or a protection dog? Is there a difference?

The answer is, yes, there is a difference between a guard dog and protection dog. It is important for you to know the difference before you make a decision and buy a puppy. Think of it this way, a guard dog will guard your property and a protection dog will protect you and your family.

A guard dog is trained specifically to be a working dog, not a pet.  They are used as police dogs or military dogs and cannot “turn off” their training.

Guard dogs can be trained to work at 3 distinct  levels of security:
Alarm Dog

This is a large breed with a deep, threatening bark. He will sound the alarm when someone approaches, but will take no action. In many cases, the alarm dogs bark is enough to deter unwanted visitors.

Sentry Dog

A guard dog used as a sentry is most often used to guard the outside of a large property, such as a warehouse or shipyard. The dog is free to roam on his own without instruction from his owner. Because they are trained to attack anyone who trespasses, they are the best possible protection for this type of situation.

Attack Dog

An attack trained guard dog is trained to attack and even kill if given the command by his handler. These dogs meant to be used as police K-9 or military service dogs. Dogs trained at this level are not sociable at any level and are not suitable as pets.

Protection dogs

These are family dogs that will protect and defend their family in any situation they feel is threatening. Some of the most popular breeds for protection are, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and  Giant Schnauzers. The Doberman is the only working dog bred specifically as a protection dog. These breeds are extremely loyal and become true family members. They can be socialized with children and other pets, as well as other family, friends and neighbors. These dogs should never be trained specially to do what comes naturally to them. They should be bred with special consideration for their natural instinct to protect. These breeds do however, need to be obedience trained and need to know their position in the family. They can be dominant, so it is important to establish your alpha role. Exercise is extremely important if you want to have a well behaved, well adjusted protection dog. These dogs need plenty of activity because they are big, physical animals with lots of energy.

The main distinction between a guard dog and a protection dogs is ultimately in the training. It is always best to seek a professional when you have determined what you need from your working companion

Choosing A Large Dog Breed For Your Family

Some dog lovers prefer small dogs that can be a lap dog, or ones they can carry easily, but others prefer bigger dogs and opt for a large dog breed as their family pet. There are many advantages to a large dog breed, they often have higher energy levels for playtime and there can be less concern over injuries from over-excited children. However a large dog breed may have specific needs that need to be met. With so many different breeds to choose from, the decision as to which one is the most suitable for a family pet can be a difficult one.

If you are set on a large dog breed then the following points may help you with your choice:

Firstly you need to ask…..Who will Care for the Dog?

The primary caretaker of the animal is important, larger dogs require a responsible adult in charge who can control their exuberance and take the time to train the dog properly. Children and older or frailer adults are not the best choice to care for these pets. Give consideration also to the child who promises to care for the dog prior to purchase but who may lose interest in his responsibilities throughout the lifespan of the pet. Therefore it is best to make the addition of your new pet as a family effort, and so each family member is assigned to some aspect of the dogs care. By spreading the responsibility it will help to ensure your large dog breed gets the attention and care he needs and by doing so every family member will get the opportunity to enjoy your new pet equally.

How much Space will your large dog breed need?

Dogs come with a variety of energy levels, and this must be taken into consideration when deciding on which breed is best for your circumstances and in particular when you are considering a large dog breed.

A dog that becomes bored can look for alternative entertainment which could result in him becoming destructive; this can be a big problem with a large dog breed.

Your pet will need plenty of room to run with daily walks and playtime in order to help him stay healthy and happy. Larger dogs tend to need more space, for example a large garden or yard to play in. But remember the fence will need to be sufficient in substance and height to stop your lovely big dog escaping!

Be careful also with happy waggy tails around the house as objects can be knocked off innocently when your happy or excited dog is in a small room.

If you are absolutely certain that an energetic large breed dog is the right choice for you and your family, just make sure you have the room to accommodate this big, energetic and powerful animal.

Choosing a large dog breed for your family will require a lot of research and planning, however it will be worth it when you have the right choice of dog that fits in well with your family. Take the time to choose the right dog for you, and that pet in turn should return the effort by giving you and your family many years of enjoyment and companionship.


Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

There are times that we take dogs for granted. We do not know that they can be very helpful not only in guarding our houses. Being man’s best friend, the dog is capable in doing things that are very beneficial to us humans. There are big and scary guard dogs, while there are kinds of dogs that are small, cute and cuddly. All of them has their own way in showing us humans the things they can do for us. If you do not have a dog at home, better go and get one. There is nothing as exciting as having a new friend at home. Here are some of the benefits that we can get from having a dog at home:

Reliable Companion

Dogs can accompany you or any family members in walks. They protect you in any foreseen accidents and they are actually the kinds of pets that you can count on. They can also care away people with bad intentions and keep you safe from thieves or robbers.

Social Development

Dogs help us in developing our social skills. Studies show that people with pet dogs are sociable people and knows how to cope up with different kinds of personality.

Never Bored

You can never feel boredom if you have a pet dog. Dogs can be very good in entertaining their owners specially those who knows how to do tricks. You can also talk to them, although they do not actually understand what you’re saying, they can sense whether you’re sad, angry or happy.

Makes Us Responsible

Having dogs help you be more responsible than before. Of course you have to feed them, take them out for a walk, clean them, and all sorts of daily routines to make your dog as healthy as ever. Upon doing these, you will notice that you are being more responsible not only in taking care of them, but also in your daily activities.

Emotionally Matured

Having dogs at home teaches us how to be emotionally matured. Studies prove that people who has dogs at home are less lonely than others that live alone. It is almost impossible to feel sad when you have a pet dog because they can give you comfort that other humans can’t.


One of the best things dogs can ever give. Having a dog at home gives us protection specially if your dog is a Doberman Pinscher. These breeds of dogs, according to history, were used by the U. S. Marines during World War II.

Best Friend

To those who live alone, dogs can be a very good family member or a best friend. They can be very interactive and can do different things just to keep his owner happy.

There are a lot more things that we can benefit from dogs. Dogs are very loyal animals and would even give their own life just to protect their master. Why not return the favor and get them an insurance? There are loads of pet insurance companies established today and by getting our dogs insured, we can be able to provide our best friend with the best benefits that they would need.

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