Commercial Dog Food – Is It Poison?

Is commercial dog food killing our dogs? Maybe! With the recent pet deaths there have been numerous pet food recalls. The one constant is the unlisted ingredients of even major dog food brands.

For instance, many of the ingredients found in dog food have been outlawed for human consumption. Why? Because they have been proven to cause diseases like Cancer, Leukemia, Liver Dysfunction, Kidney Failure and many others. As for me, my dogs are part of the family. If there is even a slim chance that what I feed my dogs will cause one of those grave diseases I’m looking elsewhere for a food source.

Part of the problem is that manufacturers only list the ingredients on the package that they include themselves. What goes in at the rendering plants is not included on the labels! That is where the “poison” additives go in. Apparently, the rendering plants have little or no restrictions at all. With the most recent increase in reported pet deaths government officials have promised to look more closely at what actually goes on at some rendering plants. Until they do, however, all our dogs are at risk.

If you know how to make your own dog food you will be well served to do so. Many experts believe that feeding homemade dog food we can even increase our dog’s life span. At the very least, we can control the vitamins and nutritional proteins that our furry pals ingest. The additional life span will just be an added benefit.

Don’t think our dogs can eat the same foods we eat. Their systems won’t handle everything. Do a little research. Maybe even find a manual about homemade dog foods. There are plenty of them available. Most vets will try to advise us, but they are likely getting a commission on some brand of commercial dog food they recommend! If you don’t believe this, just look at the posters on the vet’s wall next time you take Fido for a visit. Tell the vet about your concerns and ask him or her to recommend some reading material on how to make good, nutritional homemade dog food.

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