Top 5 Best Collars for Pit Bulls in 2020

Choosing the correct pit bull collar is important for several reasons. First of all, you want to get one that is comfortable for your dog to wear and doesn’t choke him but also gives you some control over his movements. You may also want to purchase a model that offers a bit of stability as well.

When it comes to choosing a collar for pit bull pets, you’ll also probably want to find one that looks good and will last a good long time. Once you’ve found one that fits all of these criteria, you can then buy it and start getting your pit bull used to it. Below are dog collars that are perfect for pit-bull use.

Best Pit Bull Collars

1.Bully’s Dog Collars -Best Pitbull Collar

If you have a Pitbull, then you probably know how stubborn they can be at times. It is quite hard at times to make them listen to you, especially when you are strolling in the park or crossing the road. They tend to get often excited with the sound of the horn and pull away, which is why you need to put a collar around their necks.

Nylon pitbull collars are amazing, and this amazing heavy-duty nylon Pitbull collar is one of the best collars for pitbulls that pull. The collar is designed to cater to your leashing needs but also makes the dog feel comfortable at the same time as well. It is not just one fit collar as the steel buckle allows you to move it 2-inches at least so that you can easily adjust it according to his neck size.

Unlike many other collars, this one is quite wide, which makes it extra comfortable for the pitbulls as they don’t have much fur on their skin. Plus, the tactical grade materials used for the construction of the collar are extra-lightweight. This means that your dog won’t feel a heavy leash around his neck, which might make him resist it.

One of the best things about it is that it is washable as well. You can easily wash it and use it again and again as it is quite durable as well, which makes it a great investment. The length and width of the collar are perfect for most pitbulls. It is definitely one of those strong dog collars for pitbulls.


  • Large size
  • Total length, 27 inches
  • 5 inches wide
  • Fits neck size between 21 to 25 inches
  • Features:
  • It is highly adjustable and easy to wear.
  • Tactical grade materials make it extra-lightweight.
  • The wideband is comfortable and durable.
  • It is available in different colors.
  • Final Words:

This heavy-duty nylon collar is one of the best ones in the market. The thing we like the most about it is that it is highly versatile. Its adjustability feature makes it a great long-term investment. The steel buckle is rust-resistant, and the nylon is easily washable, making it one of the best accessories for your Pitbull.


  • Adjustable Collar Size
  • Washable
  • Rust Resistant Buckle
  • Perfect for large dogs


  • Can be too big for some dogs
  • The wideband is not everyone’s choice

2. BONAWEN Spike Collar

Pitbulls are sturdy dogs, and many people like using a Pitbull spiked collar to show that off. The Bonawen Leather Studded Collar helps you achieve that desired image in your Pitbull.

Key Features

  • Made of tough leather
  • Has five metal eyelets for adjustability
  • Extra tough stitching

This alloy riveted leather dog collar is sure to catch the eye of any passer-by. Its smooth, embossed surface gives dogs an edgy look while remaining a comfortable collar to wear. Five metal eyelets let you adjust the collar to fit comfortably around their neck and fix it easily when needed.

The sturdy D-Ring can handle even the most muscular of Pitbulls no matter how much they tug and pull. And, to be sure the collar has the highest durability possible, thick thread was used in the stitching.


  • Available in three different sizes
  • There are three different color options to choose from


  • Customers have stated that it more works as a fashion rather than a functional collar

3.Versatile Collar For Versatile Dogs: Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Training Collar

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Collar Nylon Adjustable K9 Collar Military Dog Collar Heavy Duty Metal Buckle with Handle(COB-L)

  • Durable Material. This heavy duty dog collar is made of high quality and durable 1000D nylon material with neat stitching and soft padded lining to prevent chafing for your dog’s skin and hair with a comfortable fit.
  • Magic sticker and quick release dog collar metal buckle double closure. Quick release metal buckle is a adjustable dog collar buckle and heavy duty easy to take on and off. The dog tactical collar actually closes with magic sticker first, then you can lock buckle so there’s a double layer of protection so your dog can’t rip it off.

Sometimes, dogs aren’t just companions who stay by your side at home.

Sometimes, dogs can be emotional support animals, seeing-eye animals, and guides of all sorts.

Or, if you simply want a collar that allows for you to attach a custom label with the name of your dog to the collar, this collar works for both.

You can also attach patches to this panel as well, if either you or your dog has patches that need to be easily seen.

In addition to the durable nylon material that this collar is made from, it has a Velcro strip on the collar where you can attach a compatible label.

Whether this label marks your dog as a dog of service or it is just another way for you to proudly show off your dog’s name and even your phone number if it gets lost, is completely up to you.

It also is specially designed so that a stubborn and pertinent dog can’t just rip the collar off, and it instead has to get through a few different buckles.


  • Versatile Velcro panel for patches, labels, and other important things that people need to know about you or your dog
  • Military-grade nylon makes the collar incredibly durable for even the stubbornest pitbull
  • Multiple buckles to prevent your dog from being able to easily rip the collar off and free itself
  • Soft patches inside the collar for the comfort of your pitbull
  • Relatively low price for a collar means you will be able to save money easily.


  • Nylon is still less durable than leather in more than a few different ways
  • Not many colors to choose from to match your dog’s fur
  • Not many sizes to choose from for the collar
  • Not as wide as other collars that are meant for pitbulls

4. Perri’s Black Padded Leather Dog Collar

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars in Metallic and Bold Non-Metallic Colors

  • Small: 3/4 x 16 – fitting dogs with 10 – 13 necks

Price incl. tax, excl. shipping

Sometimes, all you really need is a basic collar to get the job done with.

You won’t need anything particularly fancy or high tech with your collar.

Instead, you want a collar that will last a pitbull’s punishment without costing too much money.

This collar is a perfect one for you, if this is the case.

A leather collar, when properly cared for, will be able to withstand quite a bit of punishment from a rambunctious pitbull who enjoys tugging on the leash and generally being a pitbull.

One of the best things about getting a collar that is relatively basic is that you can expect to pay a bit of a lower price, which is always a plus.


  • A low price for this type of collar
  • Durable leather material will last for a long time, even with a pitbull’s punishment
  • Padded interior keeps the pitbull comfortable throughout the day
  • Padded portion can be dyed, giving a stylish pop alongside the sleek black leather of the collar


  • It might be too thin for the larger pitbulls to be comfortable with, putting pressure on the trachea
  • Lower price can sometimes mean lower quality compared to more expensive collars
  • Extremely resistant or determined pitbulls might wear down the collar very quickly
  • Leather collars can be troublesome to properly clean and care for

Who Is It Best For?

To put things simply, this collar excels at being an inexpensive and relatively durable leather collar that can suit the needs of most pitbulls in most situations.

You will have to be wary about the size of the collar and how that affects the pitbull, but aside from this, you can expect to get a decent amount of use out of such a collar.

5. W&W Stainless Steel Chain Collar

Chain collars are not dangerous for your dog when you know how to use them properly so the W&W Stainless Steel Chain Collar will be safe for your dog to wear.

Key Features

  • Smooth and comfortable metal links
  • Durable against tough pulling
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking for a chain collar that will keep up with you and your dog no matter what look no further. W&W’s Stainless Steel collars are made completely of stainless steel, making the collar tarnish proof and rust proof. The soft and comfortable links will not catch your dog’s fur and are gentle on their sensitive neck skin.

It is a slip-on collar, so you need to be sure to purchase the correct size. You can easily do that by measuring your dog’s head and adding four inches to it; this ensures that collar both fits comfortably and will not slide off your dog’s head.


  • Available in seven different sizes
  • Easy slip-on design


  • Needs to be measured accurately or will not fit dog
  • Not ideal for smaller dogs

Your Pitbull will look formidable while you have full control over them thanks to the W&W Stainless Steel Chain Collar.

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